Welcome to the Cronos Dolphinos Pod!

Cronos Dolphinos is a collection of 504 uniquely and randomly generated NFTs stored on the Cronos Blockchain. Living and venturing into the dark, vast, and unknown underwater world, dolphins are the closest intelligent creatures braving an adventure like men exploring Earth and entering space. Fortune favours the brave, adopt a dolphin to remember the creed.All aside, they’re cute and make perfect gifts for your wives and girlfriends on Christmas!
Public Sale Live
Cost: 250 CRO
Dolphinos Adopted: 0/504

Attributes & Rarities

The Cronos Dolphinos metadata are stored on IPFS, a permanent decentralised data storage and are made immutable. Their supply cannot be increased even if we wanted to. Each Dolphino is generated from over 70 possible traits over 6 layers, some rarer than the others.There will be 6 Legendary Dolphinos, 3 Dolphinos featuring Matt Damon and 3 Dolphinos featuring Ben Affleck of which 1 of each is reserved for Matt Damon and Ben Affleck themselves to collect if the project becomes successful and deserving of their attention. The ones reserved for them feature their characters in Good Will Hunting, the film that they wrote together, won an academy award and brought them into mainstream success.We hope our Dolphinos community can embody the spirit of strong and selfless friendship between Matt and Ben. The other 4 Legendary Dolphinos are mint-able, featuring their characters in Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbour, The Martian and Armageddon.


Have all Dolphinos minted out. We will not list on the Secondary Market until all Dolphinos are minted out. This is to protect our minters.
List on secondary market. Twitter sales bot. Discord Sales Bot. Have all 504 Dolphino NFTs rarity calculated (with specific rank) on our website. We will follow the Rarity Score Algorithm made by as this is increasingly the gold standard.
Exclusive merchandise drop for our 333 OG Dolphinos as a testing beacon for exclusive merchandise purchase/gateway to the rest of the 204 Dolphinos. Shipping globally to everybody’s doorstep is no easy task; we seek your patience on this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a whitelist for Cronos Dolphinos?

What is an OG Dolphin role and how do I get it?

Will there be a secondary marketplace?

How much royalties for the aftersales?

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